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Air Purifier Installation


A Solution: Heating and Cooling is proud to provide a wide variety of indoor air quality services to keep your home comfortable and keep you breathing easy.

As a leading air conditioning company, it only makes sense we’d be at the top for services like air conditioning installation. But did you know we’re just as reliable for new construction HVAC? If you are looking for a residential HVAC contractor in the Kankakee area, please call us at 815-278-7249.



There are a wide variety of home air quality control devices available to choose from. 

Mechanical Air Cleaners: these devices use a fan to suck air through a filter (or a series of filters) and then recirculate cleaner, fresher air back into your home. Mechanical air clearers can help remove pollutants such as 

  • Dust

  • Pollen

  • Pet Dander

  • Smoke

  • Mold Spores

  • Hair and Pet Fur

  • Bacteria

  • Dirt

  • And Other Microorganisms

Electronic Air Cleaners: Also known as ionizing air cleaners, this type of air cleaner attracts particles in the air and then magnetizes them. Dirty air passes through a pre-filter, and then into the ionizer. The ionizer then gives these particles either a negative or a positive charge which causes the particles to become magnetized. The magnetized particles are then collected in a magnetic trap, and clean pollutant free air is circulated around your home.

UV Germicidal Light Technology: While filters and air cleaners work by removing particles and pollutants from the air, UV germicidal lights actually destroy some microorganisms that can be harder to filter out with mechanical or electronic cleaners.. UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) air cleaners use lamps that generate UV radiation in small amounts. This UV radiation targets bacteria, viruses, mold, and other allergens that are circulating in your home — or even growing on the inner surfaces of your home’s ductwork. Because UV lights can’t remove larger particulates from the air, they’re best used as a complementary measure to another air filtration system.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Having too much or too little moisture in the air can quickly make your home uncomfortable. Air that’s too dry can lead to issues like dry and itchy skin, irritated sinuses, dry throat and dry mouth, and other respiratory issues. On the opposite end, air that’s too humid can cause mold and mildew buildup around the home. Fungi and mold are two of the biggest triggers for allergy sufferers, and overly humid air can quickly make your home unbearable! The good news is that a humidifier and a dehumidifier can increase or decrease the moisture in the air to bring things to a more comfortable level, and they’re easy to install and maintain.



Let us help improve your air quality and make your home your sanctuary! We’ll help control allergens, pollutants, and humidity to make sure that your home is a comfortable and relaxing place to be.

Our goal is to provide high-quality HVAC services that you can actually feel good about scheduling! You shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’re getting a good price or wonder if the services you’re being sold are actually what you need. A Solution: Heating and Cooling pride ourselves on our integrity and the quality of our work — you could say working with us is like a breath of fresh air!

Call us today at 815-278-7249 to see how we can help

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